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Have you always loved the beauty and intrigue of vintage but don’t know how to make it work in your home? Do you have a hard time integrating Grandma’s vintage furniture into your modern-day lifestyle?  Do you need to have someone else look at what you already have and make it work for you? Or maybe you just need that perfect “statement piece” to complete a room?  

As a furniture artist and creator of magic with an eye for interior decorating, I am certain that together we can find the perfect piece/s of painted furniture (or transform yours) and include a simple element of décor that fits your style.  Make your vision come true with my custom work finishing, decorating, or painting a piece of furniture just for you!

Life is meant to enjoy, and while you spend more time at home in these times of uncertainty, your living space should reflect an atmosphere that inspires your sense of well-being…your own special haven.  You deserve to have a home that is pulled together and feels warm, cozy, and relaxing.  A place that is full of charm for you to enjoy, perfectly balanced with old and new with a modern sensibility.  A comfortable and safe place to call HOME.

If I had a motto, it would be “I will make everything around me beautiful and that will be my life” a quote from Elsie DeWolfe, one of the first woman interior designers. I am not Elsie DeWolfe, but I do share her sentiments. 

Décor Fleurish, it’s your life, let’s make it beautiful!

Decor Fleurish Vintage Farmhouse

Need a Custom Piece, No Problem


What Our Clients Say

Phyllis is attentive to detail and loves to bring to life all the pieces of furniture she revitalizes! This reflects her passion for making all things new and good for people in her life!

- Elaine Morel

Phyllis’s craftsmanship and artistic detail are unmatched! She painted and embellished a piece for my wrapping bench in my floral boutique and everyone comments on how much they love it. I joke that it’s the only thing in my store that is not for sale!

- Rebecca Carter

Talented design decor and accents. Phyllis is a lovely lady and is just waiting to add her touch to your home.

-Debbie Dineen

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